Stainless Steel Cord Ends

Stainless Steel Cord Ends

The stainless steel cord ends are finally here in 4 sizes!

These cord ends are a sleek design allowing you to create necklaces and bracelets with leather cord. Slip big hole beads on to the cord, add a clasp mechanism and you are done!

You may need to trim down the end of your cord to fit it snugly into the cord ends. Please allow for some slight variation in the size of your cord or the cord end. When the tolerances are tight a fraction of a millimeter can make a big difference.

Many designers prefer Epoxy 330 for attaching jewelry findings. Just apply it onto your cord and slip it into the cord end. Use whatever adhesive you prefer as long as it holds for years of use.

Use jump rings to attach your clasp mechanism. Perhaps a lobster clasp on one end and a larger jump ring on the other.

Send me your photo of a completed piece using these cord ends and I will publish here!

Get started today by getting your stainless steel cords ends by clicking here!



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