Multi-Pliers Round Nose and Chain Nose Pliers, Beadalon #201C-010

Multi-Pliers feature a chain nose AND a round nose head for wire wrapping and jewelry making.

The return leaf springs on this line of tools does not actually work. You have to operate the tool using the fingers of your tool hand. Otherwise it works find. This is why it is on sale at this time.

The special stainless steel head of MultiPliers features double leaf-spring loaded handles and combines a set of round nose and chain nose pliers that move simultaneously. 

What I love about these is that it is one less thing to search for while I'm working. My table gets filled with tools while I work and I am forever annoyed by having to search for the next tool. Yes, it is usually right in front of me but with the multipliers it is right in my hand. This will make production so much faster!

A quick one-handed flip brings the opposite tips to the same work area, instead of putting down one pair of pliers and picking up the next. 

Besides that I just love multi-function items that are actually useful. And the multipliers are that!

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