2175 SH

Xuron Maxi Shear Flush Cutter Short Handle, Cuts up to 12 Gauge (2mm) Wire Made in the USA, #2175SH

This is the short handle version of this strong, durable cutter. Ideal for jewelry making, wire crafts, basketry, caning and for cutting lead cane used for stained glass work.

This version of this fine cutter provides a more comfortable alternative for those with smaller hands. 

Flush cuts soft wire up to 12 AWG (2mm). An excellent choice for chainmaille and wire art enthusiasts. 

Soft Xuro-Rubber® handle grips and Light-Touch® Return spring lend comfort and control.

Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting technology produces clean, flat cuts.

Length of these pliers is 5 1/4".

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