Make Dangle Earrings Quickly and Inexpensively

Earring with heart charm dangle

You can make any dangle earring quickly and inexpensively with these elegant but super easy to use ear wires.

Just slide on a charm, close the hanger loop and you are done. You can even do this with you bare hands!

This project uses my Easy Attach, Easy Change ear wires. Click here to find them in the shop. This is how this ear wire looks when you take it out of the bag. You can just add a charm and you are done!

Ear Wires

But you may want to take it a little further. Here I have formed the main curve a little more and closed up the dangle hook a bit.

It is super simple and quick but here are details step by step.

Modified ear wires

This photo shows a summary of the two steps. The original ear wire on the far left. The final ear wire on the far right. 

 Steps to Modify Ear Wires

I am using the 5mm step of my 6 Step Bail Making Pliers (click here to see them in the shop). Any round nose pliers or any stiff round shape will work. Click here to see a selection of round nose pliers.


Pliers plus first step

This shows the ear wire placed on the jaw.

Forming ear wire around round nose
Grasp the ear wire with pliers and push the wire end around the nose until it touches the small hook part. It will pop open a little when you let go because stainless steel is springy.
Using fingers to form the wire


Form the dangle hook around a small step on the pliers (or closer to the tip of your round nose pliers).

Forming the dangle hook

Slide on a charm and you are done!

Finished Earrings

Click here to see those little

stainless heart charms in the shop too!

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