1913 G

Fine Gold Stainless Chain, 2mm Soldered Closed Links, Lot Size 50 Meters on a Spool, #1913 G

Jewelry chain in golden stainless steel. Each oval link is 2x2mm and is 0.5mm thick. The links are soldered closed. This is a very fine chain for a delicate look. However it is stainless so it is very strong.

Made of 316 Stainless Steel, very hypoallergenic! Corrosion resistive, it will not oxidize on you!

Use it to make necklaces, bracelets and as an earring component. This chain is sparkly.

***You need particular JUMP RINGS***
You need jump rings that are made with wire that 0.6mm thick or thinner to fit through the end links of this chain. 

I can also fit a 0.7mm jump ring through the end links of this chain though some customers have found this difficult. You can find them in the same listing.

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