1954 - 25 meters

Stainless Steel Station Chain, Medium Weight Soldered Closed 2mm links with 2x3mm Rondelle Stations, Lot Size 25 meters spooled, #1954

Stainless steel station chain in high quality stainless steel. Made of soldered closed flattened links. The flattened links give the chain a subtle sparkle.

Chain links are about 2mm wide and 0.8mm thick. 

Rondelle beads (referred to as stations) are 2x3mm in size and are soldered to the chain less than 3/4" apart.

Made of stainless steel, very hypoallergenic and corrosion resistive, it will not oxidize on you! 

Cut it to your desired size using a heavy duty cutter. Remember to wear eye protection while cutting chain.

*Jump Rings*
This links have a small opening. They can fit a fine gauge jump ring. You can find some jump rings that will fit at this listing. The 0.6mm thick jump rings fit. 

On this chain I prefer to attach a 3x0.6mm jump ring followed by a 4x0.8mm jump ring. Then I attach the lobster clasp to the larger jump ring. This makes an easy to operate clasp set. You could use any size of jump ring to attach to the smaller one directly attached to the chain.

This is the middle size of the 3 thicknesses of station chain offered. See photos for a comparison of the different sizes of station chain offered.

***Find smaller lengths of this chain (or any item on this site) by seaching my Etsy shop. Just enter the part number in the upper right search bar in that shop at JewelryToolBox.shop. International customers shop there also!

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