Adjustable Slider Necklace Chains, 10 Necklaces, 29.5" Stainless Steel Jewelry Making Rolo Chain with Slider Bead, 2mm Links

These stainless steel slider chains take all the guesswork out of necklace lengths.

These slider necklace chains are 29.5 inches in length.

Made with 2mm rolo chain and uses a stainless stopper bead measuring 4x8mm.
This chain comes with an open jump ring attached to each end sfor attaching end pendants

Fit over the head and adjust to the desired length by sliding the stopper bead into place.

The necklace chain has numerous design alternatives.
- Wear the slider bead in the front as a bolo design or
- Wear the slider bead to the back with a pendant in the front and adjust your necklace length with every outfit.
- Add a lobster clasp and clasp the two jump rings and slide the bead to the other end and danle a pend or even just the chain.
- Your can also make a shorter necklace by just cutting down the length and reattaching the jump rings.

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