Aluminum Wire, 2mm Round, 12 Gauge, 18 Feet (6 Meters), Jewelry Wire / Floral Wire

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This anodized aluminum wire is just plain fun to work with and comes in lovely colors. Choose any or all of the colors. It is 12 gauge (2mm thick) and comes in an 18 foot coil (about 6 meters). It is dead soft in temper. It is so soft and pliable that the thickness is easy to work with - even for those with arthritic hands. You can work harden it and hammer it and punch holes in it. It is great for many crafts! Will not fade, tarnish or rust.

*** This wire is VERY VERY SOFT. If you are not familiar with aluminum wire you may be surprised. Ask me if you are not sure.

It is ideal for shaping. It is easy to work with--bend it, twist it, cut it and punch holes in it. It won't rust and resists tarnish.

These anodized colors are shiny. 

The silver color is silver all the way through. The other colors are a coating over the silver. When you cut the wire you will see the silver at the cut. Notice the picture with shapes I made in colored wire - you don't see any of the silver. It turns out lovely and is just plain fun to work.

Often referred to as floral wire as it is used in floral design. It is a great medium for jewelry and home decorating. I use it extensively in teaching new students to work with wire. 

ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when working with wire.

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