How to Make Wrapped Bead and Charm Earrings

Wrapped loops are more sturdy and hold together better than a simple open eye pin loop. They also look and feel more professionally finished.

This jewelry making tutorial will cover how to make a wrapped loop. Use that loop to make simple charm earrings. These are easy to make and the possible earring designs can go on infinitely. Use these wrapped loops in all kinds on jewelry projects on earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Even more fun is making a bead cap on your bead and ending off with a swirl. All with one piece of wire!

This tutorial is designed for the beginner. You only need a couple of tools and minimal supplies. There are many substitutes for the beads, the charm and the ear wires. You could make an infinite variety of earrings with just this one design. 

Master this in an afternoon and use it for a lifetime!




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