Extra Thick Stainless Steel Jewelry Chain, 15 Feet, Unspooled Open Links, 10x8x2mm, #1968-1

This is a very thick chain that is perfect for bulkier designs, heavier pendants, purse straps, boot chains and anywhere you want your chain to really stand out.

The links are 10mm long and about 8mm in width. This chain is made of 2mm thick links. 

Note this is an updated version of this chain numbered 1968. It is 0.5mm smaller in length, otherwise the same as the earlier version.

These are open links so you can open and close them in the same way you would open and close a jump ring however it does take some heavy duty pliers to do it.

15 feet of this chain weighs almost a pound!

This chain works well with a 17mm lobster clasp and 10x2mm jump rings. One photo shows a toggle clasp made of a 23mm bar and a 13x2mm jump ring as the loop.

Please note this chain is not as bright as some of the other stainless chains...it is just a bit duller in tone. 

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