1919 T

Fine Twist Chain, Stainless Steel, 3x2x0.6mm, 50 Meters Spooled, #1919 T

Lovely stainless steel twist chain. This one is very similiar to our #1919 twist chain with ony one difference - the links are made of wire that is only 0.1mm thinner at 0.5mm instead of 0.6mm. That little .1mm makes a big difference!

Each link measures 3x2mm and is 0.5mm thick. These are open links and are not soldered closed. However, it is so tiny that you cannot see or feel the opening. This is a truly lovely chain.

Made of 304 grade stainless steel, very hypoallergenic! Corrosion resistive, it will not oxidize on you!

The 4x0.7mm rings work for attaching from a center link. 

The 9mm or 10mm lobster clasps also work well as a clasp.


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