1937 RG

Rose Gold Station Chain, Stainless Steel, 3x2mm Rondelle Stations, Soldered Closed Links, Lot Size 50 Meters, #1937 RG Spool

Rose gold stainless steel station chain in high quality stainless steel. This is heaviy plated in non-tarnish 24kt gold. It will not get dull and it will not wear off. Made of soldered closed flattened links. The flattened links give the chain a subtle sparkle.

Chain links are about 3mm long, 2mm wide and 1mm thick. 

Rondelle beads (referred to as stations) are 2x3mm in size and are soldered to the chain at 3/4" apart.

Made of 316 grade stainless steel, very hypoallergenic and corrosion resistive, it will not oxidize on you! 

Cut it to your desired size using a heavy duty cutter. Remember to wear eye protection while cutting chain.

*Jump Rings*

You will want a jump ring, or wire that is not thicker than 0.8mm (20 gauge) to fit through the end link of this chain. Find jump rings to fit this chain at Rose Gold Jump Rings.

Shorter lengths can be found by clicking here to go to the Etsy shop.

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