Stainless Box Chain, 2mm Closed Links, 20 Meter Roll, #1953

Add another dimension to your chain collection with this box chain. At 2mm it is a finer looking chain that is deceptively sturdy. 

Size 11mm or 12mm lobster clasps work well with this chain. Use a jump ring no larger than 0.7mm thick. 

I like to attach a 4x0.7mm jump ring on the ends and then add a 5x0.8mm jump ring to that. Attach the clasp to one end to the 5mm jump ring and clasp it to the 5mm on the other end. This makes the entire mechanism easier to operate and more secure.

Add a secret little charm to the clasp section for a more finished personalized touch!

Click here to find jump rings.

Click here to find lobster clasps.

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