Stainless Steel Decorative Oval Closed Link Chain, Fine 4.5x2mm, 50 meters spooled, #1921

Lovely dainty stainless steel chain. High grade 316 stainless steel soldered closed links. Made of fine 4.5x2mm oval closed links. These links are flattened and have small waves, giving the chain a nice sparkle. It is very strong despite being so fine. Please read below regarding JUMP RINGS for this chain.

This is perfect chain for a small pendant or to use in earring designs.

Use it to make necklaces, bracelets and as an earring component. Each oval link is approximately 4.5x2mm in 0.5mm thick wire.

*JUMP RINGS for this chain*
This links have a small opening. They can fit a fine gauge jump ring as shown in one of the photos. Find 0.6mm thick or smaller jump rings.

The 0.6mm jump ring is what is shown in one of the photos above. For more security use a 5mm split ring. 


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