Mens Jewelry Chain, Stainless Steel Jewelry Chain for Men, Heavy Jewelry Chain, Bulk Chain, Non Tarnish, 15x12x3mm, 6 to 36 inches, #1931

Use this men's jewelry chain for making stainless steel jewelry for men or whenever you want a heavy jewelry chain. This chain makes great jewelry for everyone. My 80+ year old parents each wear a bracelet I made from this chain and I wear mine on my skinny wrists all the time. Because it's hypoallergenic and non tarnish I never take it off! 

The chain is made of hefty 15x12mm links that are 3mm thick. They are open links so you can always open them to customize to your length (see below). The openings are tightly closed and they are hidden within the attachment to the neighboring link so there is nothing to show or snag.

~ Making a bracelet with this chain ~
To make a bracelet I use a 15mm stainless lobster clasp and 9x1.2mm jump rings. This adds just under 1 inch to the length of a bracelet. 6 inches of this chain plus 1 inch for the clasp and jump rings fits comfortably on my 6 1/4 inch wrist.

~ Cutting chain to size ~
Note that opening the links is not an easy thing to do. I couldn't do it and had to get my husband to do it for me using heavy duty serrated pliers. If you choose this method to cut down a length you will not be able to close it back up or re-use the link due to the abuse from serrated pliers. You can avoid all this by ordering the length you want. Ask me anytime (but before you order) to list a custom length. I always answer quickly during ET daylight hours.

~ How to buy your length ~
Choose the length you need from the drop down menu. Note that the lengths are approximate and may be longer or shorter by 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch but no more than that. Ask me if you need a length not shown (before you order) and I will add it for you. I do not cut down longer lengths after you order. For example, I cannot cut a 24 inch length in 2 x 12 inch lengths. In this example you would need to order a quantity of 2 x 12 inch lengths.

There is more in stock than is shown in this listing so just ask if you want more.

Made of silver tone 304 grade stainless steel. It is shiny polished - looks much like chrome.

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