Ultra Heavy Duty Jump Ring Kit, Stainless Steel, 8mm to 15mm Diameter, 1.5 to 2mm thick, JRK 9UHC

This ultra heavy duty jump ring kit contains an assortment super thick jump rings all packed in a handy flip top box.

Check out the photo that contains a table describing the details of each item in the kit.

As these jump rings are very thick and study you will need some hand strength and heavy duty pliers to open and close them. I personally use the Beadsmith line of heavy duty pliers. Click here to see them.

Made of 304 grade stainless steel. Non tarnish and hypoallergenic.
Contains about...
75 pieces 8mm,
55 pieces 9mm,
34 pieces 10mm,
26 pieces 11mm,
23 pieces 12mm,
20 pieces 13mm and
14 pieces 15mm.
I do not count them as I make every kit. I just fill the bins as much as I can and have found that it's turns out to be around these amounts.
You will enjoy have a few of these heavy duty jump rings around!

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