Wine Glass Charm Rings, Earring Hoops, Unfiled Ends, 23 gauge, Lot Size 200, #1315

These wine glass charm rings can also be used as earring hoops (after you file the ends a little).

They make a terrific wine glass jewelry finding for any occasion. Personalize your wine glass charm hoops with charms that match your theme or initials to match the wine taster!

Because they are made of hypoallergenic and non tarnish stainless steel they will last for eons. A great party favor to take home! AND as an added bonus with a little filing of the end they can be used as earring hoops!

Please note the ends should be filed before using in the ears!

Charms and wine glass shown in the photos are for display only.

They are made with a 0.6mm wire (23 gauge).

Stock up with a lot of 200 pieces!


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