Brass Bead Caps, Multiple Layers, 3 Dimensional

Add the lovely look of these brass bead caps. The multiple, bendable layers of these bead caps allow the jewelry designer a number of choices in the final look of the design. Change the look by bending, molding and shaping around the bead in an infinite variety of ways.

I refer to them as "grabbies" as I like to form them to grab on to the bead I am using it with.

They are available in raw brass as well as many plated finishes.

Choose one of the preplated colors or choose raw brass. The raw brass works well in gold tone designs or you can plate it yourself with Gilders Paste in any color!

They are 16x8mm and are bendable to fit much larger beads and form around smaller beads. Made of a lightweight thin brass alloy. The hole is a bit under 2mm but larger than 1.5mm.

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