Marked Round Nose Pliers, Heavy Duty, 8 Marked Loop Sizes for Perfect Loop Rite Sizing Every Time, #1600

These heavy duty LoopRite pliers are a perfect addition to your round nose arsenal. Now you can accurately size your loops every time.

There are sizing marks on the jaws but that is not what I love about them most! What I love most about them is that they...

  1. are heavy and feel substantial in your hand at 6 1/2 inches,
  2. hold up equally well in making a wide range of loops (2mm to greater than 8mm),
  3. have jaws which close nicely (notice the close up photo of the closed jaws - very little light shows through the jaws)
  4. have a securely placed return leaf spring makes operation easy and the spring is not likely to pop out of place (don't you hate it when that happens to your pliers?!)
  5. have padded comfort handles to ease pressure on your joints.

Oh, and there is more! This tool's main intention is the marked size on the jaws. These marked sizes...

  1. allow easy placing of your wire to create precisely sized loops every time 
  2. eliminate the need the making messy permanent marker lines on your clean pliers
  3. handles easily tiny loops of 2mm ups to 8mm 

The nicest round nose pliers I have seen in a very long time!



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