Round Nose Pliers, Jewelry Making Tools, Ergonomic Grip Handles, Box Joint, Return Leaf Spring, Beadsmith Brand, #1160

Round nose pliers by Beadsmith. These tools are the workhorses that I keep at my desk and grab whenever I need to make a quick round loop. Economical but durable enough for daily use on medium tough jobs. The small size fits perfectly in my female hands making it easy to control the fine tips of the pliers.

Handles are comfortable in the hand. They fit smoothly without biting or digging in.

Return leaf spring makes operation easy.

Box joint construction means that you jaws will stay in alignment.

I have a set of these I have been using for over 8 years, the same set. I used them while teaching wire jewelry classes every weekend. I chose them as they are affordable for new students. I find they are not only affordable but a fine tool as well.

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