Casual Comfort Jewelry Making Pliers Set with Wood Block, 8 Pieces, Box Joint, Return Leaf Spring, Beadsmith Brand, #309

This set of jewelry making pliers are the Casual Comfort line of pliers by Beadsmith. The set comes with a handy wood block to keep them neat and easily accessible on your work space.

This set includes the entire Casual Comfort line of pliers which includes:
Wire Cutter
Round Nose
Chain Nose
Flat Nose
Bend Nose
Round / Concave
Long Chain Nose
Wood Block with 8 Plier Spaces

They feature high quality European design for a lifetime of use. BeadSmith's newest handle design is specially contoured to fit comfortably in your hand. You might also appreciate the attractive dark burgundy-brown grips.

The handles, in addition to double-leaf springs, enable these tools to reduce strain on your hands so you can work on projects longer with less fatigue. Plus, extra fine tips help make getting into tight spots a breeze! This series includes four pliers and a flush cutter for all your jewelry making needs.

Each plier is about 5 3/4 inches long including the jaws.

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