Jewelry Making Pliers Set in Black and White Zebra Stripes, Includes 6 Tools plus Zipper Case, PLZSET 21

This is a great little tool kit of jewelry making pliers in an entertaining zebra print.

This set includes:
1 - Side Cutter for trimming or cutting of soft wire and bead cord.
2 - Round Nose for creating loops for eye pins, jump rings and clasps as well as coils in wire.
3 - Chain Nose for gripping and tucking in wire ends, Also useful for opening and closing jump rings.
4 - Flat Nose for gripping wire and rings, bending and flattening and straightening metal.
5 - Tweezers fjor knotting between valuable beads and pearls.
6 - Bead Reamer set for enlarging holes and smoothing rough edges.
7 - Zebra print zipper pouch to keep all your tools handily stored.

Very handy tool set for all kinds of jewelry making projects.

Each tool is finely made with smoothly formed jaws that match up tightly. They will keep you in jewelry making for years.

• Double-leaf springs for comfort
• Slip-resistant matte finish grips
• Polished steel heads
• Box joint construction


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