2028 AS

Octopus Pendant, Extra Large, Antique Silver, Lead Free, Nickel Free, 55x58mm, Lot Size 5 Pendants, #2028 AS

Large metal octopus pendant in antique silver.

Very large at 55x58mm (about 2 1/2 inches wide). It is 4mm thick with a hollow back and a 4mm loop for hanging.

This pendant is substantial at 13 grams.
Makes a terrific focal component for Steampunk designs.

Also makes great necklace pendant, purse charm, fan pull or other additions to your artistic works.

I have him added to my leather phone / wallet purse as a zipper pull (See photos for examples). I also like to wear him around my neck attached to #1932 chain. Click here to find that chain in the shop.

Lead free, nickel free alloy metal.

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