Rose Gold-Filled JumpLocks™, 6x1.0mm (18 gauge), 50 Pieces, Non-Tarnish, 610JL

These are 24kt rose gold-filled JumpLocks™.

They have an outside diameter of 6mm and are constructed of 1.0mm wire.

They are easy-to-use jump rings that “LOCK” securely into place with a simple twist of the wrist.

They are also tarnish resistant!

These coordinate well with our rose gold stainless findings, chains and charms.

When using on the end of chains to attach a lobster clasp simply ensure your jump ring choice is thin enough to fit through the end link of your chain. Refer to the chain listing to determine the jump ring thickness needed.

JumpLocks™ are an innovative twist on traditional jump rings in that they actually lock closed and will not open over time, as traditional Jump rings tend to do based on wear and stress.

  1. Use two Smooth or Nylon Jaw Chain and/or Flat Nose pliers to grip both sides of the JumpLock at the 3 o'clock abd 9 o'clock postions, with the opening at the top.
  2. With the left side steady, twist the right side of the ring one quarter turn away from you. Place your chain, charm or other finding onto the JumpLock.
  3. While continuing to hold the left side steady twist the right side back toward you a quarter-turn past the closed position.
  4. Begin to bring your JumpLock into the closed postion. As you twist back, very gently push the right side in just enough to make sure that the edges of the two ends make contact with each other. As you reach the closed postion you will hear a click.
  5. Twist the right side back and forth very slightly to align the two ends and finish hardening the metal in the closed position. The ring is now 'LOCKED' securely.



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