100 Stainless 24kt Rose Gold Plated Jump Rings, 5x0.8mm, Closed but not Soldered, Non-Tarnish

All the benefits of stainless sturdiness and anti-tarnish properties plus lovely rose gold! These are stainless steel jump rings heavily plated in 24kt rose gold.

100 of these jump rings comes in the form of 2 1/4 feet of interlocked jump rings. It is simply 2 1/4 feet of our #1940 chain.

Save with larger purchase of the rings

If you want alot more of these jump rings purchase the chain for a better price per ring. Click here to find the #1940 rose gold chain in bulk 20 meter spools (about 65 feet, that's about 2900 of these jump rings. Shorter lengths of the chain are available in the Etsy shop.

These jump rings come as a chain made of 5x0.8mm jump rings interlocked forming a chain.

There are about 48 jump rings per foot.

See below if you are curious as to why they are sold in this way.

The plating is heavy so it won't just rub off. Because it is 24kt it will not tarnish. Because they are stainless steel they are sturdy enough to do the job in lighter to medium weights.

These jump rings are a color match with any of our rose gold stainless lobster clasps as well as any of our rose gold stainless chains.

Why by the foot?

I searched for weeks to find stainless rose gold jump rings at an affordable price. I wanted jump rings that were as tarnish resistant as the rose gold chain is and I wanted it to be affordable.

What I finally found was open link chain made of round 5x0.8mm links.

The result is closed but interlocking links. 

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