1951 MC

Stainless Steel Station Chain, Titanium Alloy Plated, Fine Weight Soldered Closed 1.5mm links with 2x1mm Rondelle Stations, Lot Size 30 Feet spooled, #1951 MC

Solorful titanium plated stainless steel station chain in high quality stainless steel. Made of soldered closed flattened links. The flattened links give the chain a subtle sparkle.

Chain links are about 1.5mm wide, 1.5mm long and 0.5mm thick. 

Rondelle beads (referred to as stations) are 2x1.5mm in size and are soldered to the chain less than 3/4" apart.

Made of stainless steel, very hypoallergenic and corrosion resistive, it will not oxidize on you! 

Cut it to your desired size using a heavy duty cutter. Remember to wear eye protection while cutting chain.

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