Stubby Chainmaille Plier, Lindstrom, Set of 2 Pliers - Straight and Angled Flat Nose

This set of ergonomic pliers are pefectly designed for chainmaille. 

The strong, short blades are for heavier wire bending operations. The short blade gives you greater control and leverage. These pliers are perfect for chainmaille assembly, opening and closing jump rings, and bending and forming wire. 

The angled nose of the chain nose allows you to grip a jump ring without the whole tip getting in the way.

• Strong blades for heavier wire bending operations.
• Short blade design for greater control and leverage.
• ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Safe Handle.
• Patented Adjustable Bio-Spring reduces fatigue.
• Precision Screw Joint maximizing tool life.
• Radius Edges minimize damage to wire.

• Chainmaille assembly.
• Opening and closing jump rings.
• Forming and bending sheet.
• Soft and hard wire forming, bending and shaping.

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