Split Ring Pliers, Jewelry Making Tool, Split Ring Openers, Key Chain Tools, Jewelry Supplies, Beadsmith Brand, #1025

These split ring pliers are a time saving jewelry making tool. Easily open split rings! Just put the tooth jaw between the overlapping split ring and squeeze. The split ring pops open and is ready for you to attach to chain ends. These will also open a key chain ring. A nice jewelry supply item to have around!

Traditional coated handles. Length 5-1/4 inches (135mm). 

***Choose Spring Option***
Now with an option without or with a return leaf spring! 
Red Handle - With a return spring you operate the tool by the pressure of your grip. 
Blue Handle - Without a return leaf spring. Easily open it with a finger on the inside of the handle.

The outside diameter of the section of the pliers where the prong contacts the ring is a bit over 3mm, not quite 3.5mm.

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