Wire Cutter, Flush, Italian, Wire Jewelry Making Tool, #1035

This Itailian-made 5" cutter is ideal for cutting soft wire up to 16 gauge making them perfect for wire jewelry making. 

Made of high grade sool steel and is perfect for jobs where a flush cut is essential. Features a blackened non-glare head, return spring and high friction ergonomic grips.

Maximum cut is 16 gauge 1.5mm dead-soft wire.

This is the cutter that I always recommend to my students. I bought a pair of these 6 years ago to try them out and see if they are a good quality economical tool for my students. I have been using the same pair, heavily, for four years and they are still going strong. 

I use them routinely on up to 14 gauge wire and have used them on 12 gauge dead soft wire, although they are rated for only up to 16 gauge. They are NOT suitable for cutting memory wire, flex wire or steel wire.

Please note all red handle wire cutters are not the same. 

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