Xuron Chain Cutter, Hard Wire & Chain Cutters, Double Flush, 5 inches, Made in the USA, #1060

This Xuron brand cutter works effortlessly on memory wire, hard chain and other hard wires. This is a must-have in any jewelry-making pliers kit.

I have used mine numerous times every day to cut hard stainless steel chain. It cuts chain effortlessly and is going strong after a year of daily use.

It is more commonly used for cutting memory wire and it does that cleanly and effortlessly also!

The shearing action minimizes cutting effort and spring action returns the tool to its open position after cutting. Just place the wire between the jaws and squeeze the handles. Cushioned rubber grips for greater comfort.

Please WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when cutting. The cut wire pieces can fly unpredictably with great force.

Memory wire is VERY springy. I have had it spring back and stab my hands. You will need to be extra careful when cutting memory wire with any cutter.

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