One Step Looper, Beadsmith Medium Loop Making Pliers, 2.25mm Loops, Eyepin Maker, Create and Trim Loops in 1 Step, #1156

The 1-Step Looper allows you to create and trim 2.25mm loops in one easy step. Make consistent size loops every time. Customize the length of your eye pins easily and perfectly every time. This is the medium size 1 step looper. In comes in 3 sizes - see the link below.

Follow the photos above for my step by step instructions on making perfect eye pins every time. Get your loops to set close up against the bead every time! Please notice that there is a little tiny bit of space between the loop and the bead (see 3rd photo, bottom right hand corner).

Now you can make larger loops as easy as you did with the 1 step Looper. Works just the the 1 Step Looper but makes a slightly larger 2.25mm size loop!

Works on wire 26 gauge to 18 gauge dead soft and half hard wire. Use it with precious metal wire, copper and brass wire and craft wire.

These fantastic pliers will make a perfect loop every time! Not only will it make a perfect loop but it will place it close up against your bead! Every time. Yes, I mean it, every time. I have been teaching wire jewelry making for over 20 years. This tool solves the issue that students consistently have. And it is easy to learn and use!

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