Ultra Fine Tip Chain Nose Pliers, No Return Spring #1041

These ultra fine chain nose pliers will help you get into tight spaces to work! The diameter of the tip measures less than 1mm for the most delicate work.

I use these constantly. In 20 years of wire jewelry making I have not found another chain nose in this price range with this fine of a tip.

The jaws are ultra fine, yet strong enough to hold without slipping. The inside of the jaws are very lightly serrated to allow gripping without slippage.

Sturdy box-joint construction. Total tool length is 4 1/2".

***These do NOT have a return spring. To find pliers with a spring look at the link below. You have to know how to operate this tool in one hand by just opening and closing with your fingers. See the photos. I put my middle finger inside of the handle and use that to open the tool. Do not buy these if you are not ready for that. It is easy but some people don't like it.

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