EZ-Hook® Bracelet Fastener Jewelry Tool, 3-in-1 Necklace Fastener, Zipper Puller, Button Buttoner, #1601

EZ-Hook® 3-in-1 fastener is a simple and efficient tool that will help fasten bracelets and necklaces, zip zippers and button buttons. The handy clip bracelet fastener and jewelry aid holds one end while fastening a bracelet or necklace without assistance. Extends up to 20 inches and has a special button looper end helps button buttons in a flash.

This is a must-have item for fastening charm bracelet! You no longer have to have someone put your bracelet on for you!

Very helpful for those needing assistance in fastening jewelry, buttons, or pulling up zippers.

PLEASE NOTE the alligator clip can be a a little hard to open, especially the first time. The rubber tips can get stuck to each other when not in use. I find it takes some extra oomph to open the clip the first time. After the first time it still requires some hand strength to open the clip. If your hands are weak or injured you many not want this tool.

EZ-Hook® 3-in-1 fastener is...
• Ideal for hard-to-close bracelets, zippers and buttons
• Also works for clasping necklaces and securing cuff links
• Unique telescoping design extends to 20 inches!
• Stainless steel, box joint construction

***As a Bracelet Fastener***
Attach clip to the open end of bracelet. Place the tool in your hand with the palm facing up and clip pointing toward your elbow. The bracelet should dangle from the thumb side of the hand. Hold the clasp end of the bracelet with your free hand and attach to the eyelet or open end of the bracelet. Release the clip after the clasp is secured.

Makes a unique and useful gift!

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