Perfect Looper Pliers, Loop Making Tool, Round & Flat Nose Pliers, Make 3 Loop Sizes Identical Every Time, #1153

This jewelry loop making tool has 3 grooves to guide your wire to make consistent and perfect loops in 3 different sizes. Make perfect loops every time! This plier has two styles of jaw, flat and round, with three grooves on the flat side. The grooves allow for exact placement of wire to create identical loops each time. 

It does require knowledge of how to make a loop on round nose plers. It does not operate itself.

Another benefit is that your wire doesn't get marred or misshaped! 
The grooves on the flat size hold your wire in place without pressing it flat.

I have used this successfully on wire up to 16 gauge. The wire in the photos is 18 gauge. I made the loops in the photos using only this tool.

Features box joint construction and spring-action to reduce hand fatigue.

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