Wire Woven Ring Making Tool, Ring Weaver Tool, #228S-310

Use metal wire or bead stringing wire, and other flexible stringing materials to weave unique ring designs. 

Slip the pegs into the holes that correspond with the size ring that you want to make. These pegs are knurled so they slip into the holes on the underside of the tool and stay in place with the included foam disc. 

One tool makes rings in sizes 4, 6, 9, and 11 that fit most people. The diameter of the stringing material will adjust the actual ring sizes - larger material will make smaller rings.

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***Please note***
These come nicely packed in a full box. I always open them to make sure the contents are complete before shipping. I try to fit everything back in place. Occasionally I will create a small tear in the box. All tools from my shop are new and have never been used.

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